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Stearic Acid in Nairobi, Kenya

Stearic acid is an emulsifier, emollient, and lubricant that can soften skin and help to keep products from separating. Stearic acid is used in hundreds of personal care products, including moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, soap, and baby lotion.


Stearic Acid may be used to form the base of other ingredients that are intended to be incorporated into formulations as lubricants, emollients, and emulsifiers. In emulsions, Stearic Acid is an effective stabilizer, thickener, and softener that contributes a cooling sensation on the skin. It is also known to contribute a pearly finish to lubricants.


Stearic Acid helps to harden products, such as candles and soap bars, helping the latter to create a rich lather that feels velvety. This property makes it ideal for use in shaving foams. With occlusive properties, it helps the skin remain hydrated by preventing or slowing moisture loss from the skin’s surface.


Bar Soaps, Facial Cleansers, Body Washes, Shampoos, Laundry Detergents

When added to soap formulations, Stearic Acid derivatives function as thickeners that help to harden the formulas into solids and that help to eliminate the thin and runny feeling of watered-down soaps. Their surfactant action helps reduce the surface tension of oils, which makes it easier for oil and water molecules to mix well. In this way, Stearic Acid works to ensure that emulsions do not separate into isolated layers of water and oil. This helps enhance a product’s effectiveness as well as its shelf life. This also means that final products with Stearic Acid do not need to be shaken as vigorously before they are used. On the skin and in the hair, Stearic Acid works to eliminate excess oil, sweat, and grime. This cleansing property makes it beneficial for addition to formulations for soap bars, face and body washes, shampoos, and even laundry detergents. Stearic Acid leaves the final product enhanced with conditioning qualities and its preservative property allows them to last longer. When added to shampoo formulations, Stearic Acid functions as a protective conditioner that helps to leave the hair feeling soft, light, and lustrous. Recommended Usage for Cleansers: .5%

Lotions and Face Creams
When added to lotion formulations, Stearic Acid functions as a thickening agent that contributes a richness to the texture of the final product. Recommended Usage for Lotions and Creams: 2-5%.

When added to recipes for paraffin candles, Stearic Acid functions as a hardener. The harder the wax, the longer it will take the flame to melt it, thus resulting in a longer-lasting candle. Because Stearic Acid causes wax to shrink as it cools down, it also enables the easy release of the final product from a mold. Furthermore, its opacifying properties help to boost the colors of added dyes. Being a fragrance ingredient, Stearic Acid’s fat cells attach to the scent of an added aroma and prevents it from seeping out of the candle, which allows the fragrance to last longer. Recommended Usage for Candles: 3-5%

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