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Expanded Perlite in Nairobi Kenya

Expanded Perlite in Nairobi Kenya

Ecofarm Africa Connections Limited  is the leading distributor of Expanded Perlite in Kenya.

We produce, package, and supply premium quality Exfoliated Vermiculite, Expanded Perlite, Coco Peat/Coco Coir, Peat Moss, and Vermicompost for the local and international export markets.

Perlite is a unique naturally occurring volcanic mineral which expands to about 13 times its original volume when it is heated to a temperature of approximately 1700°. Perlite is a lightweight granular material that’s white in color. It looks and feels like little bits of polystyrene but is actually made from expanded volcanic glass, heated to 1000°C until it ‘pops’ (like popcorn) to many times its original size. It’s lightweight, sterile, and easy to handle, and is long-lasting. It’s neither alkaline nor acidic.


Advantages of Perlite

  • Its sterile nature makes it highly suitable for starting seeds. There is little risk of root rot or damping off.
  • Naturally contains minerals needed for plant growth.
  • A non-toxic substance that doesn’t require rinsing like some other growing media does prior to use.
  • Neutral pH doesn’t need to be adjusted, nor will it adjust the overall pH when mixed with other components.
  • It can be used alone or mixed with other media to create potting mixes.
  • Great for seedling germination or plant propagation as the particles allow for plants to be pulled from the perlite without damage to the root systems when it’s time for transplanting.
  • Reusable year after year since it doesn’t decompose.
  • Low-cost option, perlite is cheaper than sand per cubic foot, costing about $4 or $5 per cubic foot.
  • Easily available and simple to manufacture.

Key Properties of Perlite

  • Perlite is great for seed starting mixes and blending your own custom   potting soil mix
  • Helps lighten and loosen heavy, compacted soils
  • White granular pieces that contain about 6 percent water
  • Perlite has a neutral pH level
  • Holds nutrients and three to four times its weight in water
  • Clean, sterile, odorless, and non-toxic
  • Works as a lightweight sand substitute
  • Won’t rot or mold
  • Tends to float to the top of potted plant containers due to its lightweight


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